Long and Large Penies

A young man goes to his doctor with a personal problem. He pulls down his pants and displays his rather long and large penis.

"So, what's the problem?" the doctor asks.

"I can't get beyond a first date with a woman. A kiss, a touch or even just a whiff of her perfume and whammm! I get this tent in my pants."

The doctor thinks for a moment. "Well, drugs are really out of the question, they could have some long term side effects. Have you tried strapping it to your leg?"

The young man agrees to try it. A couple of days pass and the doctor runs into his patient on the street.

"So, how did things work out?"

"Okay, at first," the young man admits sheepishly. "I took this girl out on a first date, we had a great time, and with it strapped to my leg my erection wasn't so obvious. When I took her home, she leaned over to give me a goodnight kiss on the front steps, giving me a peek down her blouse, and that's when it happened."

"That's when I kicked her right in the face!"