Costume to a Party

A guy goes into a costume shop. He says, "I'm going to a costume party, I want to go as Adam." The girl brings out a fig leaf. He says, "Not big enough."

She brings out a bigger one. He says, "Still not big enough." She brings out a huge fig leaf. He says, "Still not big enough."

She says, "Listen, Ace, why don't you just throw it over your shoulder and go as a gasoline pump?"

Bra Types

A man walked into a fancy lingerie department and told the clerk that he wanted to buy a bra for his wife.

The clerk asked the man, "What type of bra does she need?"

"Type? There are different types of bra's?"

"Yes," the clerk responds. "There is the Catholic type, the Salvation Army type and the Baptist type."

"What's the difference?"

"Well...," the clerk answered. "The Catholic type supports the masses.

The Salvation Army type uplifts the fallen, and the Baptist type makes mountains out of mole hills."