Not Looking Back

A man returns home from work early and enters the house through the kitchen door. He sees his wife on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor. She only has an apron on so the husband gets a big hard on, drops his pants and starts humping his wife doggy style.

When he is finished, he pulls out and at the same time hits her hard up the side of her head.
"What was that for?" the wife screamed "Here I am being so nice to you, and letting you enjoy yourself. Why did you hit me?"

The husband looks at her and angrily says, "For not looking back to see who it was!"

Nasty ex-Husband

A rather nasty and egotistical man was finally left by his wife, who then remarried someone whom she felt would treat her with more love and kindness.

When our nasty hero happened to meet her on the street one day, he couldn't overcome his usual tendencies, and asked her sarcastically, "So, how does that new husband of yours like fucking in used pussy?"

"He likes it just fine," she replied, "once he gets past the used part."

Morning Note

Following an especially angry argument, Mr. and Mrs. Smith went to bed not speaking to each other.

Needing to arise early the following morning, Mr. Smith left a note on his wife's bedside table that said "Wake me at six."

An exasperated Mr. Smith awoke at ten the following morning and rolled stiffly out of bed to see a note on his bedside table:

"It's 6:00 AM, you bum! Get out of bed!"