Mechanical Pussy

A man was browsing through a novelty store. There was no one else in the store, and so the clerk called him over to the counter.

"You have to see what we just got in", he said, "It's the latest thing out". With that he took out a package from under the counter and raised the lid showing the customer a strange looking object.

"What's that?", asked the customer.

"It's a mechanical pussy", replied the clerk.

"What on earth is it supposed to do?", asked the customer.

The clerk unwound the electrical cord and inserted it into the floor outlet, whereupon the
"thing" began to make all sorts of exotic undulating motions.

The customer was fascinated. "I have to have one of those!", he said.

"All right, sir, shall I wrap it for you?", asked the clerk.

"Oh no, that's all right", replied the customer, "I'll just eat it here".