Brides of Christ

At a Mass at which some young ladies were to take their finals vows to become nuns, the Bishop presiding noticed two Rabbis enter the church just before the service began.

They insisted on sitting on the right side of the centre aisle. The Bishop wondered why they had come, but he didn't have time to inquire before the Mass began.

When it came time for the announcements, the Bishop's curiosity got the better of him. He welcomed the two Rabbis and asked why they had chosen to be present at this occasion where the young ladies were to become the "Brides of Christ. "

The elder of the Rabbis slowly rose to his feet and explained, "Family of the Groom. "


A priest and a rabbi who are very good friends coincidentally need to buy new cars at the same time, so they decide to go shopping together.

They visit all the automobile dealers, and both of them wind up choosing to buy the same model and same make of car. They buy the two automobiles and are just about to drive them out of the dealership, when the priest says to his friend, "I have an idea. Wouldn't it be a nice gesture for each of us to bless the other one's car?"

"That's a great idea," replies the rabbi.

So the priest goes over to the rabbi's car and sprinkles it with holy water. Then the rabbi goes over to the priest's car and cuts an inch off the tail pipe.