This overly endowed guy says to his Doctor, "Doc, I've b-b-been st-st-st-stuttering for y-y-years, and I c-c-c-can't st-st-stand it anymore! Can you h-h-h-help me?" The doc says he'll see what he can do and puts him through the whole battery of tests; GI series, brain scans, etc. After all that is over says he thinks he knows what's causing the patient's stuttering. The guy excitedly asks, "Well, wh-wh-what is it, d-d-d-Doc?"

The doctor replies, "Well, I know this sounds crazy, but you have an unusually large penis. It's a foot long. It seems its weight is putting a strain on your vocal cords that most men don't have to deal with. The only cure I know of is to remove it and transplant a shorter one."

The patient thinks for just a moment, and says, "OK! Do it." So he goes through with the operation, and 3 weeks later comes back for a follow-up appointment.

He says, "Doctor, you surely cured my stuttering problem and I don't know how to thank you. But I've only had sex once since then, and my wife really doesn't like this shorter penis. In fact she's making life hell. So, I've thought about it, and decided I can out up with the stuttering easier than going without sex. I want you to put my long one back on!"

The doc says, "N-n-n-nope,. A d-d-d-deal's a d-d-d-deal"