A Rabbi and a Cop

There was a rabbi that comes out of his church every morning in New York to sweep up the sidewalk before mass begins.

Every day he runs into the same police officer walking his same beat. And every morning the police officer mutters some kind of ethnic slur at the Rabbi. "Dumb Jew," one morning. 
"Stupid Kike," the next morning.

Finally, after months of insults, the cop finally stops and says to the rabbi, "Hey, you Jews do your own circumcisions right?"

The rabbi replied, "Why yes we do."

"Ok," the cop says, "so what do you do with all the skins that are left over?"

"Well, it's relatively simple. After we've performed the circumcision, we take the foreskins and put them into a shoebox. After that we bury them in the ground and wait."

"Now what the hell do you do that for Rabbi?"

The rabbi turns to the cop and says, "Well we wait for them to grow into big dicks, and then send them to New York to be cops!"