Monster Fart

Joe a nervous young man, was invited to dinner with his girlfriends parents.....a stern Yorkshire farmer and his wife.....

Half way through the meal, as they were discussing his intentions towards their daughter, Joe feels an enormous fart coming on, He was unable to control it and the rasp could be heard all over the house..."Get out, Shep!!" said the farmer to the sheepdog, who was lying under the table. "Thank God" thought Joe "He thought is was the dog".

About 10mins later...Joe could feel another buildup of gas, again he could not muffle it and an even louder fart ripped from his arse... "Get out, Shep" shouted the farmer at the dog who had crept back under the table.

Again after 5 more minutes... He felt an even bigger build up, this time Joe let go a real monster fart, which made the table shake, the farmer kicked the dog who was back under the table and shouted " For Gods sake Shep, get out from under there before the bastard shits on you"