Firehouse Love

A Fireman comes home one night and announces to his wife that from now on, their home is going to run like the fire station. The wife asks him how that is done. He tells her this is the way it's going to be.

At the fire station, when the men hear the first bell, they know to get you out of bed and get ready to go. When they hear the second bell it means to finish getting ready. When they hear the third bell, it's time to slide down the pole. Well, he has decided an adaptation for the home.

"When I yell first bell, you are to immediately go to the bedroom. When I yell second bell you are to take off all your clothes and lie down in the bed. When I yell third bell, you are to slide down my pole." The wife kinda shrugs and agrees to try this new order of things.

The fireman comes home a few days later and yells "First Bell". The wife goes into their bedroom. The fireman yells second bell and the wife gets naked and gets into the bed. The fireman yells "Third Bell" and the wife gets on him and slides down his pole. Now the fireman thinks this is just great.

After a few minutes, the wife yells "Fourth Bell". The fireman asks her what the hell is a fourth bell? She yells "More hose, more hose, it's not even close to being near the fire!!!"