Fuuk Like a Black Guy

A white guy is sitting in a bar next to a black guy. "Hey, dude," he asks, "How's it you black dudes are so popular with the ladies?"

"Well," the black guy replies, "it's all a matter of fuukin'. When you white guys fuuk, you just stick it in and: Wham! Bam! Thank you ma'am! It's all over before it's even started. When we fuuk a woman, we tease her first, and then only when she begs for it, we stick it in slow, and gentle like. That's the secret, man, tease her until she begs you for it, and then slow and gentle like. Works every time."

The white guy finishes his drink and goes home.

That night, in bed with his wife, he remembers the black guy's advice. First he teases his wife until she begs him to put it in her, and then he starts fuuking her, but very slowly and very gently.
"Hey," she says to him passionately. "When did you learn to fuuk like a black guy?"