Parrot Made Phone Calls

Dave went to the pet store and bought himself a parrot. The parrot could speak 5 different languages.

After a week, Dave had to go out of town on business. When Dave returned home and received his phone bill in the mail, he found $500 worth of phone calls had been made.

He asked the parrot about it, and the parrot explained that he had made the calls to his friends around the world.

Dave was furious. He told the parrot that he had to go out of town again and that he had better not make any calls, or else. Yet when Dave returned, he found the same thing Had happened when he received a phone bill for $1000.

Dave took the parrot and nailed his two wings to the wall. The parrot hung his head down, then looked over at the crucifix next to him and said "So, how high was your phone bill?