Tropical Sex

Guy goes to a whorehouse and asks for something really exotic. The madam says go down the hall to the last rooms on the left. He strolls down to the room and goes in.

In the room he discovers a huge fat girl, but he thinks, what the hell. So they strip naked and get in the bed. First thing the fat gal does is sit on his face and cuts a big old fart. He says, 

"What the hell is that?"

She says, "That is a tropical breeze blowing in your face."

He thinks, well OK. Next thing the big old whore does is stand up and start to piss all over him and he yells, "What the hell is that for?"

She says, "That's the tropical rain falling on you."

He thinks OK. Then she starts getting wound up and starts beating him on the head with her big titties. He says, "What the hell now?"

She says, "Those are coconuts falling out of the palm trees."

The guy gets up and starts getting dressed and the old whore says, "Where you going?" He says, "I don't know about you honey, but I can't fuck in this kind of weather."